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I am a professional Electronics Engineer who has a passion for electronics and hardware design. I really appreciate sharing any new designing ideas on topics such as: Robotics, Electronics, Mechatronics, Information Technology and Computer knowledge.
Mobile and Network
Electronics and Hardware
IT and Software
I have a lot of experience
regarding the authentication of
mobile networks and
communication systems.
More than 60 million MCI mobile
subscribers are using my JAVA
SIM applet on their SIM Cards. 
This applet is based on JAVA. I
installed the applet through the
When I was a boy of not yet eight
years old, my hobby was creating
electronic boards.
To date, Iíve designed and made
over a 100 industrial electronic
devices based on customersí

My first programming experience
started from BASIC via an 8-bit
home computer with a 16K byte
RAM. By the time I was in
elementary school, I was able to
write a complete program in
assembly language for 6502
Thatís probably why I like the
Visual Basic language, even though
I am writing most of the
applications with JAVA.
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