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GSM Remote Roamer Loop System
ROAMLOOP is an industrial GSM modem. It works as a trial handset that you can control remotely. This device is useful when you are going to measure network parameters, coverage marks and qualities, primarily when the network is in an unreachable area or foreign country.
If you place the ROAMLOOP in that unreachable area, it will obey your commands and function as if you were a subscriber with a handset there. Not only can you change the handset setting and parameters remotely, but you can also: make a call, send a short message or answer calls. The phone will range per demand or range according to a fixed schedule program, just like a real phone.

Keywords: Remote Handset, Remote Mobile, Remote Network Tester, Remote Call Generator, Remote SMS sending, Schedule SMS, Remote Call Answer, Network Analyzer, GSM Tracker, TEMS.
Over The Air (OTA) Message Transmitter
The OTA Message Server is a message processor, which uses SMPP to connect to a SMS gateway. It then converts required SIM commands or apps to a sequential binary and secured message in order to run an applet to the subscriber’s SIM without any user notification. It has a database consisting of both key (Kid) and counter for each IMSI managing around 50 messages per second.

Short Message Peer-to-Peer, SMPP, PDU format, PDU header, PDU body, GSM 23.048, GSM 23.040, SMS-COMMAND, SM-TP messages, Data Coding Scheme, TP-DCS, UDHL, User Date Header Length
Smart Roaming Applet is a JAVA based applet, which runs on mobile subscribers SIM cards. The applet has a search method and mechanism for switching back from Visited Public Land Mobile Network (BPLMN) to Home Public Land Mobile Network (HPLMN) automatically. Mobile operators will find it profitable to help prevent any roamer retention activities on the VPLMN networks.

Java Card 2.1.1 Virtual Machine Specification, Global Platform card specification 2.1/2.2,GSM 03.48 - Secure remote SIM access, GSM 03.40 -SMS standard, ETSI TS 101 220 - Assigned numbers, ETSI TS 102 221 - UICC/(U)SIM spec, ETSI TS 102 223 - Card Application Toolkit, ETSI TS 102 226 - Remote APDUs, ETSI TS 102 241, UICC/SIM API for Java Card
{Bordar} Smart Roaming Applet
GSM Network Analyzer has 8 SIM ports for working as like as a programmable mobile handset.
This device is used normally by mobile network operators to create a comparative report of signal quality of rival operators SIM Cards. The user can arrange a scheduled program to make a call for each port independently and measure the results of the network parameters.

Keywords: Networks Analogy, Mobile Comparative, Location Update, authentication process, preferred network, Network Steering Tools, PESQ, Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality, PSQM, Perceptual Speech Quality Measure.
Roaming Wizard System
Roaming Wizard is a Windows based server that can block an/or disconnect mobile subscribers to prevent fraud due to overcharged consumers.  The Roaming Wizard contains a message processor to open, read and recognize emails coming from outbound operators regarding high usage subscribers. It also has an intranet connection between the billing and the customer care server to find the subscriber’s bills and details about his/her consumption algorithm. Every 10 minutes the Roaming Wizard reads the high usage reports and extracts the subscribers’ IMSIs from said emails box, checking the credit of the mentioned subscriber from the customer server. Finally it will make a decision to allow the subscriber talk or it will block.

Windows Server, SQL Server, .Net, VB.Net, Web service, Windows based Web Server,  POP3 , SMTP, WSDL, SOAP, XML, RDF, RSS, HUR, NRTFM, ASP.Net, PHP,  .NET framework.

Operating System & Database: Android, DOS, UNIX/LINUX, Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, IIS Web server, DNS server, SMTP server, SQL Server 2012, Global Platform.
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