Key Point of Electronic Projects: ARM architecture, AVR 8-32Bit architecture, 8X51 architecture, Microchip PIC, RISC, TMS DSP, NAND Flash Memory, Firmware Developer, IDE Protocol Programming, P2P, Multi-Master Serial Bus (CAN), Hi Speed Serial Communication, RS232, RS485, USB, Storage, HID Interface Device Driver, Wireless and Crypto Protocols, GSM, GPRS, SIM, JAVA Applet, Smart Card Security, OTA, Windows Driver Programing, Laser and Optical Measuring, UV, Gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity, Magnetometer, Proximity, Temperature and humidity, Sensors, Contactless, RFID, MEMS, GSM module practice, Switching Mode Power Supply, IGBT Drivers.
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Electronic &
Network Analyzer GSM Remote Tester Laser_Optical_Measuring 3D Accelerometer
GSM Call Generator Advertising Globe LPC2919 Satellite Board Elapsed Voice Recorder
Windows Server PLC Optical I/O Tablet Digitizer Sensor SIM Card Reader Clone
Optical Book Reader PCB_Book_Reader Player Penpoint Location Detector ARM9 MP3 TMS PCB
LPC2919_NXP_Board LPC2919 PCB ARM9 Example Flash Reader IDE
GSM Signal Tester SIMCOM900 908 Satellite OBC IDE USB Example
Roaming Wizard System Water_Consumption_Control CPU_Satllite_OBC PCB
Smart Traffic Light Controller Optical PLC Citcuits SAT_OBC_SCU Gas Detector Sensor
Gyro_Rotor_Sensor Gyroscope_Sensor Gyroscope Free_Gravity 3D_Acceletrometer
Optical Measuring Measuring Device Industrial Optical Meter Linear CCD Reader
Dimention Controller 3D Opt. Measuring System ARM7 Industrial Ex. Circuit Sample Data (Opt. Sensor)
Logic Analyser AT91SAM7X256 USB Z80_CPU_EPROM PID Speed Controller
MP3 Player Book Reader Mp3 USB Flash PCB Flash_IDE_NAND_E2PROM
Smart Card Clone RS232 SIM Reader GSM SIM Simulator READER
SIM_Copy_Writer SIM Protocol Analyzer SIMCARD Interface SIM GSM Simulator
AT89C2051_PWM_Driver PWM_speed_Controller Water Consumption SIM RS232 Interface
Alarm Monitoring Server RWS_Server Mobile Simulator SIM Tester
Remote GPS Locator Long Distance Listening (OPT) Ultrasonic Transiver Motion Detector
Metal Detector-Coil PWM-Metal-Detector CCD Distance Meter Balance_Accelerometer
Optical Laser Measuring Spinning LED Globe ARM7  AT91SAM7X256 2D & 3D Accelerometer
Injector Driver Cir. Injector Full Consumption 30KW Motor Speed Driver 300Amp IGBT Driver
PID Speed Control Hi-Voltage Generator Commodore Interface Ultrasonic Motion Detector

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